Sunday, February 21, 2010


We had Logan's baptism today, at Our Lady of Fatima church in Tawa.

In the picture to the left, you can see Logan wearing his christening gown (not a dress, regardless of what his Aunt Felicity has to say about it) that Juliette's grandmother made about 40 years ago. 17 members of Juliette's family have been christened in it -- 18 including Logan.

We had a good turnout -- a few people couldn't make it, for one reason or another -- but it was a lovely private service. Father Penders -- who married Juliette and I four years ago -- did the service. He even made an impromptu addition to the service, calling our friends' 6 year old daughter up to hold Logan's baptism candle -- not something we'd thought of, but in retrospect was a great idea.

Logan was great throughout the service, even watching Fr Penders during the sermon. He didn't scream once, even when he had the water poured on his head -- though I'm sure some of that was because Juliette and I had his pacifier ready to put in his mouth at the slightest sign of impending screamage.

(L-R: James (godfather), Sarah (godmother), Juliette (happy mum) holding Logan (sleeping baby), me (proud dad), and Felicity (godmother and aunt)

To celebrate afterwards, we went to Nan and Grampa's place for afternoon tea. The centrepiece was the top tier of our wedding cake, which has been carefully stored in our freezer for the past four years for just this occasion.

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